Welcome to my website. Here you can learn a bit about my training and background; watch a brief video interview; and get some idea of the clinical services I offer. The way I practice, psychotherapy and analysis serve your individuation – that is, your becoming ever more completely the authentic you.

Since graduating from the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago in 1987, I have practiced psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis in the Milwaukee and Madison, WI, areas.

At the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago I continue to serve on the faculty and various committees, and teach and supervise analytic candidates. From 2009-2013 I served as director of the Analyst Training Program.

In addition to my practice and my work at the Institute, I offer talks and presentations on Jungian psychology as well as consultation for social workers and psychologists. To learn more about me and how I work, or to schedule an appointment in Madison by calling 608.217.5184.